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This is an "out of the box" concept for teaching Rhythm Improvisation that draws upon the insights gained from years of software development. Learn to use special easy step by step methods that were designed for music simulations software. These algorithms can help you to command and control rhythm in ways you have never thought of before. Effortlessly create long passages of rhythm by using Improvisation Models. Start with Level 1. Once you have mastered the material in Level 1 go on to Level 2 and continue your journery.  

This Kindle eBook Series is great for Guitar, Keyboard, or Drum musicians. Kindle eBooks can be read on Kindle devices, iPad, and Personal Computers that have the Kindle eBook App installed.

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Level 1

Level 1 – Use clever puzzles to learn to improvise rhythm. Gain "direct access" to 494 Rhythm Patterns. Great for all musicians who want to understand rhythm to deeper granularity and wider variation spectrum. Learn to design and perform Improvisation Models.  

Level 2 Level 2 – After Level 1, continue and extend your journey to improvise even more complex rhythm patterns. Study two dimensional time and exciting subdivisions.  
       Level 3 Level 3 – Build upon Level 1 and Level 2 to reach more complex concepts of rhythm improvisation.

Level 3 will be available soon.

Explore Rhythm!

Create Patterns!

Apply to Guitar, Keyboards, and Drums.

A concise Step by Step approach that links the most basic concepts up to the more complex rhythm pulse manipulations.

Rhythm is fluid. The starting point of rhythm is the individual rhythm pulse. Pulses can be aggregated to create complex Rhythm Patterns. Level 1 provides direct access to 494 individual Rhythm Patterns using a metronome and an easy notation system.

However, this is only the very beginning. Level 2 extends our journey by demonstrating how rhythmic time can be subdivided thereby increasing rhythm granularity and generate rhythmic oscillation patterns. In Level 2 we leave ordinary counting behind with focus on sight reading and memorizing complex patterns to build a rhythmic vocabulary.

Level 3 takes our adventures in rhythm ever farther.

The metronome is key to mastering complex rhythm patterns and rhythm algorithms provide a fresh perspective to visualize and improvise rhythm.

What could you do with Infinite Rhythm Combinations?

QuantumPortal creates new eBook Series called Easy Stepping Stones to Rhythm Improvisation. It is designed with algorithmic perspective drawing upon the experience of Guitar Instructor and music simulations software developer.

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