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Rhythm is fluid. The starting point of rhythm is the individual rhythm pulse. Pulses can be aggregated to create complex Beat Patterns. Pulse Fusion 1 demonstrates how to compose complex Beat Patterns.

However, this is only the very beginning. Pulse Fusion 2 will extend our journey by demonstrating how rhythmic time can be subdivided thereby increasing rhythm granularity and generate rhythmic oscillation patterns. In Pulse Fusion 2 we leave ordinary counting behind with focus on memorizing complex patterns to build a rhythmic vocabulary.

The metronome is key to mastering complex rhythm patterns and rhythm algorithms provide a fresh perspective to visualize rhythm.

What could you do with Infinite Rhythm Patterns?

QuantumPortal creates new eBook Series called Pulse Fusion. Pulse Fusion teaches Rhythm Improvisation from algorithmic perspective drawing upon the experience of Guitar Instructor and music simulations software developer.

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Now available on any device with the Kindle App installed, incuding PC, iPad, iPhone, and Kindle!

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Price: $6.90 - Aggregation Streams (Pulse Fusion)

Course Mastery Objectives:

The student learns to configure and operate a metronome.

The student learns to perform Pulse Fusion Notation.

The student learns to write Pulse Fusion Notation.

The student memorizes the Aggregation Exercises.

The student creates variations of Aggregation Exercises using Variation Algorithms.

The student performs Riff Algorithms and creates original Riff Algorithms.

The student performs Improvisation Models and creates Improvisation Models.

The student can perform swapping between two Improvisation Models.

Students who study Pulse Fusion 1 are capable of continuing exploration of Rhythm Aggregation Streams to extend and expand the seed material provided in this book.

Email: pulse.fusion@quantumportal.com

Example Electronic Metronome
Free Metronomes are available as Apps on Smart Phones and App Tablets.
Electronic Metronomes are available in the range of $9 to $90 US.

I use the Dr. Beat DB-30 metronome shown below.