Easy Stepping Stones Improvisation

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Guitar Puzzle Improvisation Demonstrated

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Insights learned from creating music improvisation software for MIDI synthesizers have inspired a new perspective for musicians. Musicians can now benefit from efficient Computer Puzzles that were developed to teach computers how to improvise music.

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An innovative approach to Guitar Improvisation with focus on Complex Rhythm and Open String Drones  $8.99 USD


Easy Guitar Puzzles to Amaze Your Friends is focused on Guitar  showing how to create rich harmonies with Least Effort Strategy combined with Complex Rhythm Patterns! It demonstrates how Easy Stepping Stones to Rhythm Improvisation Concepts can be applied to any instrument. Learn how to improvise and even compose by playing puzzles on the Guitar!

Play each Guitar Puzzle to gain insights into improvisation and composition. Build over 144 Intervals to intermix with Open String Drones. It is addictive and it "draws you in" like a video game. The metronome pushes you. The Guitar Puzzles tease you. Your skill level dramatically increases as each Guitar Puzzle is mastered.

Once you learn to play the Guitar Puzzles you are able to document your own spin off derivative improvisations in the Puzzle Format. This provides you with the skills to document the musical landscapes you explore on your own.

Imagine how much easier it would be to attempt complex rhythm patterns on the Guitar if we used two finger chords. This is the Least Effort Strategy. It is possible to combine simple two finger Intervals with Open String Drones to create full Six String Harmonies with just two fingers. We then intermix a few three finger chords to extend our opportunities. In this way we can attempt very complex rhythm patterns by removing the unnecessary distractions of the other heavy-weight chords.


For deeper dive into Rhythm Improvisation two more books are available that focus completely on Rhythm Patterns and how to learn by tapping the hand to Rhythm Puzzles.

"Music Simulations Java Software Designer/Musician shares insights of rhythm improvisation with musicians!"

Clever Puzzles are the key to unlocking the doors to rhythm improvisation. 

Learn Rhythm Improvisation with new Puzzle "Brain Game" concepts. These two books are studied by tapping the hand to a metronome while performing Rhythm Puzzles. The confusion of practicing complex rhythm with an instrument is eliminated by using the hand to tap complex rhythm patterns. Once they are learned via hand taps they can be carried over to actual instruments like Guitar, Keyboards, or Drums.
  Level 1

Level 1 – Use clever puzzles to learn to improvise rhythm. Gain "direct access" to 494 Rhythm Patterns. Great for all musicians who want to understand rhythm to deeper granularity with widest variation spectrum. Learn to design and perform Improvisation Models. Learn how to use a metronome.  

Level 2 Level 2 – Extend your journey to improvise even more complex rhythm patterns. Study two dimensional time with complex subdivisions.

243,542 Rhythm Pattern Combinations are exposed as Improvisation Models and Subdivision Contrast Pairs for you to explore! 
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